People For Nation

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People For Nation is an initiative by a group of concerned citizens geared to work in the areas of good governance and democracy in India. This group includes people from all walks of life, regions and backgrounds.

The organisation is aimed to provide a platform for research, debate and dialogue on matters relevant to political, economical and social life of contemporary India and further to organise advocacy for alternatives emerging from such deliberations. Accordingly, the organisational activity is bifurcated into two streams for administrative convenience. The first among these intends to comprehend various complex issues faced by Indian polity and society through research activities like workshop, seminar, public debates and come up with policy alternatives on these issues. It is also responsible for publications in form of booklets, working papers and research articles on the issues deliberated upon. The work of other wing is largely to organise advocacy on issues emanating from the brainstorming sessions and if possible provide advisory inputs to governments and other institutions. PFN also intends to make effective interventions through PILs. read more >>